Developer Installation

To start, create a virtual enviroment. For example:

conda create -n pdpilot
conda activate pdpilot
conda install -c conda-forge "python=3.8" nodejs jupyterlab notebook "jupyter_client<8" "pyzmq<25"

The inclusion of jupyter_client<8 and pyzmq<25 is needed until this issue is resolved.

Next, clone the repository:

git clone
cd PDPilot

Next, install the package:

pip install -e ".[examples,docs,dev,test]"

Jupyter Notebook

If you are using classic Jupyter notebook, then enable the extention with these commands:

jupyter nbextension install --sys-prefix --symlink --overwrite --py pdpilot
jupyter nbextension enable --sys-prefix --py pdpilot

In one terminal, watch for JS changes:

npm run watch

In another terminal, run Jupyter:

jupyter notebook

After making JS changes, refresh your browser window. After making Python changes, restart the kernel.

Jupyter Lab

If you are using Jupyter Lab, then run:

jupyter labextension develop --overwrite .

Then run Jupyter:

jupyter lab

After making JS changes, run:

npm run build

After making Python changes, restart the kernel.